Rolex Oyster Royal 6426 Calibre 1215 – Service

Featured on the blog today is this lovely vintage Rolex Oyster Royal 6426 Calibre 1215. This particular watch was produced in 1955 according to its serial number, and it is powered by the excellent and beautifully finished Rolex Calibre 1215: a  manual wind movement, with centre sweep second, Breguet hairspring and shock resistant settings on both balance and escape wheel, a very nice spec for that era.

Rolex 6426 Service

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Longines Calibre 12.68Z model 7033-4 – Service and restoration

Nick sent me this vintage Longines watch for a service and restoration. I have already featured an almost identical watch on the blog in this article. The service on that particular watch had been perfectly straightforward, but in the case of Nick’s watch it turned out to be a little more complicated as you are about to find out….

Vintage Longines Restoration

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Waltham Chronograph Valjoux 7733 – Service

On the blog today is a vintage Chronograph by American watch company Waltham. It is powered by a Valjoux 7733. “Valjoux” was a manufacturer named after the “Vallee du Joux” in Switzerland, primarily known for its Ebauche Chronograph movements, and widely used by many manufacturers in the 1970’s. The Valjoux 7733 is a cam type Chronograph (as opposed to Column wheel type), with a horizontal clutch mechanism. It was produced in very large numbers, and over the years has earned itself a well deserved reputation for reliability and robustness.

Waltham Valjoux 7733

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Cyma Navystar Cymaflex R.459 – Service & Repair

Silas sent me this rather lovely Cyma Navystar watch for a service. He reported very poor timekeeping (about  20min/day fast) and the crown did not sit flush against the case, so the watch was definitely in need of attention.

The watch is powered by Cyma’s calibre R.459, which uses the interesting antishock device called “Cymaflex”, more on that later.

Cyma Navystar Cymaflex R.459


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Omega Calibre 285 9ct gold watch- Service

This week under the loupe I have another very interesting vintage watch with this 9ct gold case Omega Calibre 285. The owner, David, sent me the watch for a service and a bit of TLC. The watch belonged to his late father, and was an engagement present from his mother, so needless to say it has huge sentimental value to David. The serial number dates the production of the watch to 1961.

Omega Calibre 285 Service

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Omega Seamaster 600 model 135.011 Calibre 601 Service & Restoration

Today on the blog is this Omega Seamaster 600 model 135.011 in need of a bit of TLC. I purchased this watch at a local auction with the intention to return it to its former glory. The watch dates from 1965, and it is powered by the manual wind Omega Calibre 601, an excellent movement capable of great performance.

Omega Seamaster 600 Calibre 601


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Omega 2165 Calibre 26.5 Repair & Service

Willy gave me this watch for a repair and service. It is powered by the Omega Calibre 26.5, and was produced during WW2, somewhere between 1939 and 1944 according to its serial number. The watch belongs to his father in law, and will be a present for Willy’s son’s 40th birthday.

The brief was to keep the watch as original as possible, which is like music to my ears. Although this watch could be restored to near new condition, it has aged rather beautifully and it would be a shame to lose its character.

The watch came as a non runner.Omega-2165-service

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CWC W10 Military Watch ETA 2750 – Repair and Service

Here is another British military watch on the blog, this time it is a CWC W10. I recently wrote about the “modern” CWC GS Automatic in this link .

The watch I am featuring today was the original issued watch which inspired the above. It was issued to the British troops from 1976 onwards. This particular watch was issued in 1980, which happens to be the last year of production for this model.

The watch is powered by the manual wind ETA 2750 movement, and has the optional hacking feature. This was required under the specification of the Ministry Of Defence. It is easy to understand the benefit of a hacking function: allowing the troops to synchronise their watches is fundamental for carrying out coordinated actions in the field.

CWC W10 Before After

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Omega Calibre 1030 9ct Gold Dress Watch Service

This Omega Calibre 1030 was in need of a service. The watch was manufactured in 1978. It has a 9ct solid gold case, which is a “front loader” design with no removable case back, like many Omegas of the era. I think Omega produced some of the best dress watch designs in the 1970’s, and this one is a very good example, elegant and timeless.

Omega Calibre 1030 Service 9ct Gold Dress Watch

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WALTHAM Pocket Watch 9 jewels model 1908 16S – Service & Repair

This Waltham pocket watch required a service and crystal replacement. It was running, but not very well at all, timekeeping was out by several minutes a day and the balance wheel had very poor amplitude.

It was approximately 81 years old at the time of writing: Production dated year 1936, according to the Waltham “Gray Book” List.

The watch is in very good condition given its age.  It is cased in a gold filled case by British maker Dennison. This particular case is made of a base metal sandwiched between two plates of 0.036mm thick 9 carat gold. It is their “star” grade which at the time was guaranteed for 10 years. The quality of the plating by Dennison has stood the test of time as it is still in good condition, with very little base metal visible.WALTHAM Pocket Watch Service Repair

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