2021 BHI Prize award – Best serviced chronograph watch

BHI prize best serviced chronograph

I am very proud to see my name again amongst the prize winners in the official journal of the British Horological Institute. I was awarded the ‘Best Serviced Chronograph Watch’ BHI prize for 2021. With a grade of 99% following the two-day practical exam, I could not be happier ūüôā. Your chronograph is in good hands!
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Ollech & Wajs 2002 Valjoux 7730 – Service

Under the loupe today is a very nice vintage Ollech & Wajs 2002 Valjoux 7730. O&W was created in Switzerland in the late 1950’s, and grew in popularity in the 1960’s, especially with servicemen, sportsman, divers and aviators thanks to a strong reputation for quality and dependable mechanical watches. O&W still operate today, see their website Valjoux 7730 Service

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Ollech & Wajs Chronograph Valjoux 7765 – Service

Following on from this post, Anthony sent me another watch for a service. Once again it is a watch with military influence:  a very nice Ollech & Wajs Chronograph. O & W is a Swiss watch company created in 1956, which specialises in  automatic and manual-wind mechanical military and dive watches.

OW Chronograph Service

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Waltham Chronograph Valjoux 7733 – Service

On the blog today is a vintage Chronograph by American watch company Waltham. It is powered by a Valjoux 7733. “Valjoux” was a manufacturer named after the “Vallee du Joux” in Switzerland, primarily known for its Ebauche Chronograph movements, and widely used by many manufacturers in the 1970’s. The Valjoux 7733 is a cam type Chronograph (as opposed to Column wheel type), with a horizontal clutch mechanism. It was produced in very large numbers, and over the years has earned itself a well deserved reputation for reliability and robustness.

Waltham Valjoux 7733

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Silver Pocket Watch Chronograph

Oliver sent me this lovely pocket watch for a service. It is in a silver case, and has a chronograph complication, with a centre seconds chrono hand and 30 minute register. There is also a seconds subdial at 6 o’clock.

The case and movement have a matching serial number, so it is nice to know that the movement is original to the watch.

After studying the hallmarks on the silver case, I was able to identify the marks of the London assay office used in 1913-1914, so the watch would have been produced around that time. The ‚Äúsponsors mark‚ÄĚ belongs to George Stockwell, who was an importer of cases and watches during that era. Service-Pocket-Chronograph

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Omega Speedmaster 175.0032.1 “Reduced” Calibre 3220 (Dubois Depraz) – Service & Repair

Today I am featuring this Speedmaster 1750032.1. It is the little cousin of the Speedmaster professional “Moonwatch”.¬† It is similar in appearance, but slightly smaller at 39mm in diameter, which earned it its nickname “reduced”. It is however functionally very different, being an automatic watch rather than a manual wind: it is powered by Omega’s calibre 3220, which is based on an ETA 2892 ebauche with a Dubois Depraz Chronograph module.

The watch came in a very sorry condition, missing its stem and a pusher. I was expecting a replacement of the missing parts and a straightforward service. It turned out to be a very challenging project indeed.

Omega Speedmaster Repair


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