Seiko Mod- Customisation of your Seiko watch

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The customisation of Seiko watches, aka “Seiko Mod” is very popular amongst the watch collecting community, and with suppliers of custom parts such as Dagaz and Yobokies, there are plenty of parts available to change the appearance of your Seiko watch to something a bit different, whether it is influenced by an existing design or a completely new creation.

Seiko Mods - Seiko modding

I have put together a short write-up presenting some of the projects I have worked on for customers in the last few months.

First let us start with the popular “FFF mod” which I carried out for Ed. This popular mod is a homage to the iconic Blancpain Fifty Five Fathoms watch.

Our starting point, a Seiko SNZH watch:

Seiko SNZH mod


The watch is opened, and movement de-cased.


The original hands are removed.


The new dial is fitted.

Seiko mod FFF dial


New hands are now in place.









The bezel is pressed back on the case after removal of the original insert.


New insert ready to be fitted. I install it with the bezel in place to ensure perfect alignment.


The watch is pressure tested.


The work is complete, the watch looks very smart indeed.Seiko FFF mod


This is another mod I did for Alan. This one involved new bezel insert, hands, Sapphire Crystal and associated gasket.

The starting point, a brand new Seiko SKX007, and loads of bits!


Movement de-cased.


New sapphire with anti-Reflective coating fitted.



The new hands about to be fitted.

Seiko Mod Yobokies hands


The mod is now completed, note the raised profile of the new bezel insert, matching the thicker crystal perfectly. The new parts work very well with the original dial, a great design.

Seiko Mod Dagaz


The watch was also pressure tested (sorry no pic on file) and fitted with a brand new oyster style bracelet. What a transformation!Seiko Mod

I would like to thank Ed and Alan for letting me feature their watches on the blog.

15 Replies to “Seiko Mod- Customisation of your Seiko watch”

  1. Hi
    I have a seiko but I find it really hard to see the hour hand. Is it possible for you to change it? I can email you a pic of it.

    1. Hi Ian, thank you very much for the message, yes I could replace the hand(s), I have sent you an email.
      Best regards

    2. Hi there.
      Just wondering if you can help me.
      I have a beloved SRPD Padi Turtle (Pepsi) on a Strap code bracket.
      Can you do double dome sapphire & do a bezel change (say Batman or Hulk)
      Any other options you can think of ????
      Many tks

  2. Hi I have a 007 and interested In a crystal face and navy bezel. I am just wondering what your prices are please

  3. Hi Olivier

    Is it possible to just change the crystal on an already modified SNZH. The current one is too easy to scratch.


  4. Hi, I love the hand set on the second skx pictured but can’t find it anywhere! Can you advise where I can purchase them?

    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Mike, I am not sure as these were supplied by my client, but I think they came from Harold (Yobokies) – I will email you his details

  5. Second one just might be the nicest, cleanest, and most natural looking Seiko mods I’ve seen. Great work!

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