Archimede Sporttaucher Divers Watch ETA 2824-2 – Service

Tim sent me his watch for a service. It is a Sporttaucher divers watch, made by German brand Archimede. The watch was a complete non runner when it arrived. Tim had also sourced a replacement bezel, so the watch will be getting a cosmetic update.

Archimede Sporttaucher Service


ETA 2824-2

My first impression of the watch is very good, it feels very well built. The watch is powered by an ETA 2824-2 calibre, a very good quality movement found in many quality watches. The case is nice and substantial and the movement is very safely secured in the case, just what you want for a professional divers watch.




I start by opening the case, and then remove the automatic works. Straight away I notice something is not quite right: there is a missing screw on the barrel bridge. I cannot see the screw anywhere for now, so it is probably trapped somewhere in the movement causing the non running state of the watch.


The movement is taken out from the case, and the hands are aligned, ready to be removed carefully.Archimede Divers Watch Service


Hands and dial now removed, exposing the lower side of the ETA 2824-2 movement.


I start by stripping down the upper side, I remove the balance wheel, looking for that elusive screw. Can you see it yet?


Well you can just about make it out now with more magnification. The screw has wedged itself between the escape wheel and the train bridge.


The train bridge is removed. I am concerned that the screw may have damaged the escape wheel. I inspect the escape wheel under strong magnification, and cannot see any issues. At this stage I elect to put  the movement back together, and place the watch on the timegrapher, as a damaged tooth on the escape wheel would show on the reading. Thankfully all is well, the watch is running. Amplitude and timekeeping could be better, but nothing to worry about here as this will be rectified as part of the service.


The upper side is now fully disassembled.ETA 2824-2 Service


The automatic works is stripped down.


I can now move on the the dial side of the movement.


A close up view on the keyless work, the mechanism controlling the crown/ stem action.  On this picture, I have released the tension of the  setting lever jumper, so it is ready to be removed.


The ETA 2824-2 movement is now fully disassembled, and the parts are ready for inspection and cleaning.Archimede ETA 2824-2 Disassemble




All movement parts are ultrasonically cleaned.








I start assembly with a new mainspring.





Mainspring barrel, barrel bridge, train wheels and train bridge are installed, and the train wheel pivots are lubricated.


Ratchet wheel and crown wheel are fitted. I then install the keyless work on the other side, this will allow me to wind the watch for initial testing.


And I soon have the movement fully re-assembled.


After cleaning and the correct lubrication, the watch is now running very well, with very consistent rate and strong amplitude. I can now turn my attention to the cosmetic aspect of the service. The bezel is carefully removed from the case. The case definitely needs a good clean!



After cleaning old adhesive and rust which was under the insert, I glue the new insert in place and hold it with a press to maintain some pressure while the adhesive is curing.






I now install the oscillating weight , and replace the caseback gasket ahead of the pressure test.


The watch is successfully pressure tested.


And here we are, the work is complete. The watch responded very well to the service and is performing extremely well. It looks very smart indeed with the new insert. The watch is beautifully made, and to give additional credit to the manufacturer Archimede, they have demonstrated excellent customer service here by supplying the end user with a new insert. Many of the prestigious Swiss brands would refuse to do this, and insist on the replacement being carried out in their own manufacturer service centre, and only as part of a full service.

I would like to conclude this article by sincerely thanking Tim for allowing me to work on his watch and share the story on my blog.Archimede Sport Taucher