Tag Heuer Formula 1 CAC1111-0 Repair / Service (Quartz ETA G10-711)

Rob brought me his Tag Heuer Formula 1 CAC1111 for repair. It came as a non runner. It is powered by an ETA G10-711 Quartz movement.

A new battery would not get the watch running again.

Tag Heuer Formula 1 CAC1111-0 Repair Service

I place the watch on my Quartz testing device. No regular pulse is detected, which indicates that the issue is most likely electronic rather than mechanical.Tag Heuer Quartz Test


In any case, these G10.711 movements are not serviceable, they cannot be stripped down, inspected, cleaned and lubricated like the higher end ETA quartz movements. They are also relatively inexpensive, so it would cost more to service than to replace the whole  movement in this instance.ETA G10.711 replacement


The movement is removed from the case, and the hands are carefully removed.


A new movement is sourced.ETA G10.711


The dial is fitted to the new movement.


Hands are fitted, making sure the 3 chronograph hands are perfectly aligned with the zero markers. The 6’o clock subdial is a running second, so this one just needs aligning with any marker.Tag Heuer Formula 1 Service


Tag Heuer Pressure Test



I check the water resistance of the case prior to reassembling the watch.





When fitting the bracelet, I notice one of the springbars is smaller than the other one. Sure enough, the thinner one is slightly too loose within the bracelet, which could lead to premature wear of the end link of the bracelet.Wrong Spring Bar Fitted


Correct Springbar



I measure the diameter of the correct springbar.





And source the correct springbar.


And here we are, a straightforward job. The watch now has a brand new movement, and a minor snag was fixed along the way. Tag Heuer CAC1111 Repair Service



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  1. I was wondering with newer TAG Heuer quartz watches are they also non rebuildable? I own 4 F1 series watches and if I ever have to have them repaired, I don’t want to throw them away because of their movements or because they are quartz. Please send me a email back thanks.

    1. Hi Tim
      It really depends which F1 model we are talking about (and how much “newer”). The latest F1 watches have Ronda movements fitted as far as I know. They are relatively inexpensive movements, so if a repair is needed I would say the best course of action is to replace the movement.
      I hope this helps

  2. Hi,
    In the 3rd photo.
    How did you manage to take out the metal piece to unlock the stem?

    1. Hi
      You should not need to take out the metal plate, there is a hole, so you should be able to release the stem through there with a pointy tool
      Good luck!

  3. Great page…thanks! I have this exact watch with a black dial. My upper left subdial is stuck and won’t reset. The rest of the watch works wonderfully. Unfortunately, it appears I need to replace the mechanism. It’s only $60 or so, but I can’t do the switch, and you are in the U.K. (PS: Sorry for the loss of Her Majesty). Very bummed about my chrono not fully working. Any tips to fix/reset the minute dial? Thanks in advance…cheers!

    1. Hi
      Thank you very much for the message, sorry I can’t help unless I inspect the watch, this issue could be caused by a number of things
      All the best

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