Seiko Kinetic Capacitor Replacement Service In The UK

Seiko Capacitor Replacement Service:

£45 + £7.40 Return Postage (without pressure test)

£55 + £7.40 Return Postage (with pressure test)





Postal watch capacitor replacement pricing for UK customers.

(I use the term “capacitor” as it is the term commonly used, but the latest generation of capacitors are actually rechargeable batteries).

This applies to Seiko Kinetic watches which:

  •       Do not hold charge
  •       Show the 2 second tick
  • This service is not appropriate for watches which do not run at all.

The service includes replacement of the old capacitor with the latest genuine Seiko replacement. (‘latest’ as some of the older capacitors are now replaced by a cell with different chemical composition to provide better performance.)

I can replace capacitors on all common Seiko models, see detailed list below. Please do not hesitate to contact me if in doubt.

The watch will be correctly resealed (the caseback gasket will be cleaned, inspected and lubricated, a new gasket will be fitted if necessary).  The correct tools will be used to open the case of your watch and avoid risk of damage and scratches.  State of the art equipment is used for the optional vacuum and pressure testing (Witchi ALC pressure tester). This is the safest way to test water resistance of your watch after a capacitor replacement.

How it works:

  • You purchase the capacitor replacement using the “BUY NOW” button (you can purchase it with or without the optional pressure test).
  • I will email you the address to send your watch to ( my email will be sent to the address you used to make the Paypal payment). Please check the SPAM folder in your mailbox in case you do not receive an email, as I always send the details within 24hrs.
  • You can then post your watch to that address. I recommend using Royal Mail Special Delivery, as it is extremely reliable, fully tracked, and will cover as standard up to £500 in compensation in the unlikely event of an issue. Additional compensation is available up to £2500. Please make sure you keep the tracking details.
  • You will receive confirmation that your watch has been received.
  • Your watch will be returned using Royal Mail Special Delivery (the price includes this return postage). You will receive confirmation of its dispatch and tracking details.

Optional vacuum and pressure test:

  • This is recommended for all quality watches with rated water resistance of 50m (5atm) and more.
  • Not all pressure tests are the same.  The water resistance of your watch will be tested with a highly sophisticated ‘dry’ pressure tester, measuring minute deformation of the glass/case under pressure to establish water resistance (this is a much safer and reliable way to test than the cheaper ‘wet’ pressure tests).  It can be tested up to a pressure of 10barG.
  • The watch will be vacuum and pressure tested for water resistance on arrival.
    • If it passes the test, it is expected that it will pass the water resistance after battery replacement, and another test will be carried out prior to returning the watch to verify this after the battery replacement.
    • If the watch does not pass the test upon arrival, it may be possible to try to restore water resistance (e.g. by replacing the caseback gasket), but please note that it is sometimes not possible unless a full service is carried out.
  • Guarantees for water resistance over time cannot be provided, the vacuum and pressure test confirm that the watch is resistant to water ingress at the time of test.


List Seiko models covered by this service:


3M21, 3M22



4M61, 4M71


5K21, 5K22, 5K23

5M62, 5M63, 5M65

5M42, 5M43, 5M45

5M22, 5M23, 5M25

5J21, 5J22, 5J32, 5S21, 5S22

7M22 & A Only, 7M42, 7M45 Series

7L22, 7L22A

V11* Series

V12*, V14* Series, V172, V175



YT** Series

Please note that I do not currently replace capacitors on 9T82 models.